1. streak, patch, glint, lightning; shaft, ray, beam; gleam, glare, fulguration, coruscation; brightness, dazzle, dazzling, bedazzlement, bedazzling, blinding; blaze, flame, flare, spark, scintilla, scintillation; shimmer, flicker, twinkle, glitter, sparkle; glimmer, blink, glistening, glistering, flutter, fluctuation, oscillation, vacillation; brilliance, resplendence, splendor, resplendency, radiance; effulgence, refulgence, reful-gency, vividness, intensity; luminosity, illumination, luminance, luster, gloss, sheen; glow, incandescence, phosphorescence, iridescence.
2. show, showing, manifestation, demonstration, brief outburst or outbreak; emission, voicing, declaration, statement, observation; affirmation, assertion, expression, communication, indication, sign; display, exhibit, exhibition, exposition, representation; presentation, unfoldment, disclosure, revelation, divulgence.
3. instant, moment, minute, second, split second; twinkling, twinkle, breath, trice, Inf. jiffy; eyewink, wink of the eye, Fr. coup d'oeil1. twinkling of an eye, Inf. bat of an eye, two shakes of a lamb's tail.
4. showiness, flauntiness, floridness, showy appearance; pomp, pomposity, pompousness, fanfare, Inf. razzle-dazzle; gaudiness, garishness, ostentation, parade, pageantry, spectacle; flashiness, Sl. pizzazz. vividness, brightness, gayness, colorfulness; loudness, cheapness, tawdriness, meretriciousness; display, exhibit, exhibition, disporting; swaggering, strutting, peacockery, swashbuckling; boasting, bragging, vaunting.
5. flashing, flaming, flaring, blazing, burning; blast, violent outburst or outbreak, ebullition, paroxysm, dissilience, dissiliency; explosion, Obs. displosion, fulmination, detonation; eruption, cataclysm, upheaval; outpouring, volley, discharge.
6. lock, sluice, penstock, sluice gate; floodgate, head gate, tide gate; dam, weir.
7. flame, blaze, burn, conflagrate; flare, spark, scintillate; gleam, glare, effulge, fulgurate, coruscate; streak, stream, beam; glitter, glimmer, glisten, Archaic. glister, glint; shimmer, shine, flicker, sparkle, twinkle; flutter, fluctuate, oscillate, vacillate; glow, phosphoresce, incandesce, make radiant; brighten, dazzle, bedazzle, blind; illuminate, illumine, Archaic. illume, Obs. enlumine, light or light up.
8. dart, dartle, dash, Inf. scoot, scuttle, Inf. skedaddle; run, sprint, scud, tear; rush, hasten, hurry; fly, run like the wind, race; bolt, bound, spring, leap, start quickly, Sl. tear off, Inf. take off; streak, Inf. go hellbent, bolt like lightning or greased lightning, go like a shot.
9.Informal. show off. See flare(def.4).
10. showy, ostentatious, Inf. sporty. See flashy(def.2).
11. counterfeit, forged, fraudulent, imitation; fake, not genuine, bogus, spurious; pretended, feigned, simulated, make-believe, sham; unreal, mock, ersatz, synthetic; artificial, factitious, contrived, fictitious; assumed, put-on, pseudo.
12. brief, momentary, temporary, of short duration, short; impermanent, mortal, unenduring, fleeting, passing, fading; transitory, transient, fugacious, evanescent, ephemeral; fast, swift, brisk, sudden, quick, fleet, meteoric; cursory, hurried, hasty.

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